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Laurie Beskow Szpot is a writer, copyeditor, and teacher of Active Dreaming. She guides people to find deep sources of creativity in their lives through the potent practices of Active Dreaming. As a writing coach, Laurie uses Active Dreaming techniques to help her clients discover their authentic voice, move through creative blocks, and generate fresh, exciting content based on their dreams..

 Writing & Editing


As a published writer and life-long dreamer, Laurie brings decades of experience to her work as a copy editor and writing coach. She loves to support her clients in expressing their stories in innovative ways, through an Active Dreaming-based approach to idea generation. She also offers careful copy-editing of manuscripts in preparation for submission and publication.

 Active Dreaming


Active Dreaming is an innovative approach to working with dreams created by renowned teacher and author Robert Moss. Laurie has studied extensively with Robert and is certified as a teacher of his techniques which combine contemporary dreamwork and shamanic practices. This work is a simple and effective way to tap into creativity, inspiration and healing. Through these transformative practices, Laurie will guide you in living a life of creative fulfillment, vitality and energy.




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